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With great pleasure, we invite you to Skeer!

A warm, wallet-friendly, co-creative international (folk) music and dance weekend.
A weekend full of soul stirring music, stamping dances, jam sessions, gentle silliness, connection and fun.

The Skeer edition of 2023 is unfortunately cancelled. Stay tuned for 2024!


Skeer is a (folk) music and dance weekend. A weekend to enjoy dancing, making music and to create a great time. This will be an experience created as a collective. Music, food, workshops and even cleaning will be created and managed by ourselves. During the day we teach each other the tips and tricks of cool dances, music, songs and ..., and in the evening we dance and jam until we drop.

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Feel free to teach us the basics of capoeira, polyrhythm or tango. Unleash your inner tradpolice and teach us how to really dance that gavotte des montange or the bourrée auvergnate (or an introduction to the basics). Go crazy and sing with someone other than your bar of soap in the shower and join a workshop on singing harmonies and canons. And above all, don't feel obliged to give a workshop!

We are looking forward to it!

Getting There

Practical info


Skeer will be in a nice scouting gebouw in the village of Vaassen, close to Apeldoorn (the Netherlands).

What to expect?

Arrival: 18:00 hrs on Friday (22rd of September)

End: ~16-17 hrs on Sunday (24rd of September)

Skeer will begin on Friday evening with a dinner, followed by the first jam session ball.

On Saturday, we'll put our sleeping mats to the side to make room for breakfast and the morning workshops. After a warm, delicious vegan lunch, there will be more workshops, followed by dinner , bal with a band (tba) and the second jam session ball.

On Sunday we'll have a morning of workshops again after breakfast, followed by lunch. After lunch, we'll clean up the venue together. Once this done, we'll have our final goodbye ball, and will leave around 16-17 hrs.

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Please do bring you instrument(s)! We'll provide a place to safely store them, but feel free to play a lot :) Beginners welcome!


We sleep with our own sleeping mat and sleeping bag. So don't forget those!


Sign up here

Please register by filling in this form.

Tickets will probably costs €45, and include accommodation, band on Saturday night, (vegan) food and a whole lot of fun!

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